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Ukraine, Zaporozhie region
Zaporozhia, Steelmakers st. , 11

He is a branch of: SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA Ukraine, Kharkiv region

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Ukraine, Kyiv region (1)
Ukraine, Kharkiv region (1)
SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKA is the most experimental komp'yuternoy firm of Ukraine and created one of the largest in Ukraine of producers computers and servers of SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKA and successfully works in industry of komp'yuternykh technologies from January, 7, 1986. The object of economic activity of SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKI is a production and sale of computers, servers, planning and construction of komp'yuternykh networks. From year to year SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKA multiplies the production of computers and servers of R-Line, extends geography of sales of computers and servers: Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhia, Lugansk, Lvov, Odessa, Poltava, Simpferopol, Sumy and other cities of Ukraine. SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKA is the partner of high level of leaders of world komp'yuternoy industry, for example: Intel Premier Provider, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and other
Phone +380 (61) 2133443, 2132851
Site http://www.spez.com.ua/

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Standart Ukraine, Zaporozhia

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Standart Ukraine, Zaporozhia

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Standart Ukraine, Zaporozhia

Company "Yug-Kontrakt" it is a leader of market of distribution of digital technique and consumer electronics

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