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Ukraine, Odessa region
Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk road st. , 93а (SC Family)

Unitrade one of the largest in Ukraine of networks shops of the personal electronics. The food briefcase of salons of Unitrade consists of mobile telephones, smartphones, communications and accessories, portable computer technique and accessories, digital photos and video cameras, personal computers and periphery, MP3, DECT, telephones, faxes, LCD of television sets of leading world producers.
Phone +380 (48) 7118570, 7179748, 8 800 5077070
Site http://unitrade.ua/

Computers / Computers
Sale (Retail)

Audio-, video. Electronics. Clock
Sale (Retail)

Audio-, video. Electronics. Clock / Photographic technique and photo commodities
Sale (Retail)

Communication means
Sale (Retail)

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Standart Ukraine, Odessa

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Standart Ukraine, Odessa

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Standart Ukraine, Odessa

computer-software product; Computers, computer accessories; Technical means and equipment

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