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Ukraine, Kyiv region
Kiev, street Novokonstantinovskaya, 22/15

Honey is a bee, milk is thickened, milk thickened varennoe, butter is creamy GOST, curd is domestic, poppy filling, poppy of food, powder is saccharine, plums are aerosols, nuts gretskie, olives, olives, mushrooms are canned, starch, a chocolate is milk, jam and fruit napolniteli, jams, kuraga, chernosliv, cacao, sour cream, the hard is raw, peanut, raisin, almond, funduk, glaze white, coconut shaving, vanillin, spices, breading, seasonings to lettuces, a cherry is canned, a pineapple is canned, peach is canned, klaro, gels of zhiliruyuschie and other are an assortment of products.
Individual approach, possibility of discounts.
Phone +380 (67) 4677558, (44) 5015349

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Food stuffs and drinks / Food stuffs / Sucklings products, butter, fats
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Agriculture / Mushrooms and berries
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Agriculture / Beekeeping / Honey
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Food stuffs and drinks / Food stuffs / Sugar
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Food stuffs and drinks / Food stuffs / Wares of pastries
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