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Ukraine, Crimea
Simpferopol, Krylova st. 155, Factory of Sizakor

He is a branch of: EKCO Ukraine, Kyiv region

Branches elsewhere

Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region (1)
Ukraine, Donetsk region (1)
Ukraine, Kyiv region (1)
Special build materials and technologies:
* Besshovnaya gidroizolyatsiya, injection gidroizolyatsiya,
drainage, germetiki
* Additions in a concrete and solutions of cements
* Defence and finishing of walls of buildings
* Repair and strengthening of build constructions
* Bezvzryvnoe destruction of stone blocks and concrete arrays
* Industrial and public floors, sporting coverages
Phone +380 (652) 707727
+380 (50) 3806686

Site http://www.ekco.ua
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Building and repair / Build services

Building and repair / Build materials / Build chemistry
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Building and repair / Build materials / Isolatings materials / Hydroizolation
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