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Ukraine, Kyiv region
Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya, 1A
Zip code 02660

For Sale:
cable VVG, VVGp, VVGng, VVGngd, AVVG, KG, ASB, AABLU, ABBSHV, SAPTA, SIP, provod PV1, PV3, PVS, SHVVP, PPV, CCI, APV, APPV, cable assembly products for SFM, SKAT, gofrotruba, metallorukav, Electrical Machines, starters, relays, transformers, lighting, lamps, lamps, elektrofurnitura. Products Moeller Electric, ABB, Schneider Electric, OEZ, IEK, Asko, Philips, Vatra.
Electrical, electrical cabinets and boxes PR, ASE, SPM, YAUR, YA5000, UKR, SCHO, CSR, AVR, GRSCH, CSR, SCHO, GRSCH, nestandart.
Elektromontazh.Kompleksnaya electrification and supply of electrical equipment. TEHNOTON-Your Electrical Building

For many years experience in the electrical market, the company has formed an optimal range of electrical products, which takes into account consumer preferences and price and quality.

Component range
- Electrical and lighting equipment
- Products needed for the installation of the said equipment
- Products needed to service the installed equipment

EC «Tehnoton» has the following trading status:
-Moeller Electric (electrical equipment)
- IEK (electrical equipment)
-Evroformat (metal)

-SFM (cable system)

The company offers products of many manufacturers of electrical and lighting equipment, and represents the major producers of cables and conductors of Ukraine, Russia.

Electrical equipment
Since 2002, the company opened the first station to the production of Electrical 630A, in 2004, mastered the production of Electrical equipment from 630A to 4000A.
Particular attention is being paid at the training engineers and workers, quality used vehicles and communications, quality control of products, resulting in the EC «Tehnoton», earned the reputation of the manufacturer of quality Electrical equipment.
Products Company has Voluntary certification, for compliance with quality standards in Ukraine.
In favor of the high quality of the Electrical Company, said, and the fact that we are the official manufacturer of Electrical company Moeller Electric (Germany) in Ukraine.
Equipment companies installed and operated successfully for many commercial, civil and industrial real estate.

About the company
Electrical company «Tehnoton» was founded in 2000
Bus company - an integrated energy facilities at any level.
To do this, we propose:
- An extensive range of electrical products
- Electrical equipment manufacturing
- Production of electrical work
The high qualifications of engineering and technical services, advanced service structure, quality control of manufactured products and a clear klientonapravlennost our businesses enabled us to gain in 2005, and in 2008 to protect the certificate ISO 9001:2000, confirming that the company's quality management system meets the requirements International Standard

Fax +380 (44) 5028800
Site http://www.technoton.com.ua/
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Electrical engineering equipment
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Cable, wire
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Building and repair / Elektromontazhnye works and equipment

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