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Russia, Moskow region
Moscow, 3rd Street Park, and 41 d
Zip code 10542

The company S.A.F. - Russian manufacturer of sports equipment.

S.A.F. offers form and accessories for football, handball, volleyball, basketball and athletics. The company has extensive experience in the delivery of sports in the form of government programs that support sports.
Form S.A.F. is a modern design, good hygiene performance, ease of cutting, striking and original color combinations, affordable prices.

Equipment S.A.F. opt for a wide variety of groups: the team of popular actors and movie theater 'series' stars and team tournament in memory of Constantine I. Beskova to numerous corporate, amateur and children's groups throughout the country.

  S.A.F. Today - this:

• Excellent ratio «price - quality», the minimum value of 1 set of user-friendly and high-quality format - 440 rubles (in January 2009);
• Availability of its own production;
• Fabrics better with a good vozduhopronitsaemostyu and beautiful iznosoustoychivymi characteristics;
• Wide range of colors and a variety of forms and equipment in the warehouse on the day of treatment, including the parade of costumes and windbreaks;
• Sewing on any of your drawings from the period of one week;
• Wide range of sizes - from 28 to 68 th;
• Application of numbers, logos, names and inscriptions on the physical shape;
• Various tools and accessories from Select, Mitre, Mikasa, Spalding, Winner, Gala, Molten: football boots, including zalnye, balls, nets, pumps, whistles, stopwatches, marking chips, cones, tactical, incubator, centrifuge, meditsinboly and a variety of honey - products for athletes.
• Awards, cups, medals, promotional items.

S.A.F. proposes sending orders to the regions (you do not have to come to our office: Order products by phone, fax or through the online store and paying for it, you get ready to order through the transport companies operating in your area, with delivery in Moscow will be free of charge) .

We also offer sewing knitwear, a wide assortment of souvenirs, drawing on the fabric and methods of thermal sublimation printing.
Phone +7 495 649-8322
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Rest, making healthy / Sports gear and equipment / Sporting clothes, shoe
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