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Ukraine, Lugansk region
Lugansk, st. Lermontov 1-g, of. 313
Zip code 91055

Company Master Software (ФЛ-SPD Shurkaev DV, ФЛ-SPD Dubov YV) - the official representative of 1C in Lugansk (Ukraine). This is a team of qualified vnedrentsev, consultants and developers specializing in the supply, implementation and support of economic programs, and the automation of office work. The most well known of the supplied Master Software, a family of products of 1C: Enterprise - software to automate business processes, and business software from Microsoft, ABBYY, Kaspersky, Eset and many others. Our experts will help you understand the issues of system integration, IT outsourcing and IT consulting.
Sales of computers, computer parts, peripherals, laptops, office equipment, software obespcheniya. Our solutions are ideal for office and business objectives in terms of their reliability. Great prices!
Computer services:
- Help in selection of the configuration PC
- Assembling and tuning the PC,
- Installation and setup of computer networks,
- Advice on working with computers,
- Administration of computer networks,
- The introduction of software products,
- After-sales service software.
Phone +380 642 974546
Fax +380 642 974546
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