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Russia, Moskow region
Moscow, Novomarinskaya Street. e. 8

Our organization has a comprehensive supply of quality rubber products and spare parts for railway transport and agricultural equipment businesses and organizations located throughout Russia and CIS.
The main products are:
RTI for cars, diesel engines
RTI for compressors and pumps
Spare parts for dumpkarov
Sleeves RKO em520h150
Seals, cuffs, rings
Parts RTI for Motopompy MP-1600 (MM-27/100).
RTI for U15-Urag; Guara-30
RTI pumps and spare parts for WILDEN (T1, T2, T3, T4)
We carry out repairs vozduhozamedliteley, as well as a comprehensive supply of spare parts needed to repair vozduhozamedliteley. Partly as a complete (with the replacement of all spare parts must have) and a partial repair.
Sell Pistons for drilling pumps 9T, 9Mgr-61, NB-125, NB-32, NB-50, U8 6MA2 (NSD-600), 1-BrN, 235/40, NBT, NBT-600, UNBT-950.
Phone +7 495 4899289

Chemical industry / Rubber and rubbewares
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Transport / Railway transport / Railway carriages, repair parts and concomitant wares
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Agriculture / Agricultural machines, equipment, repair parts, inventory
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