Package: Standart

Russia, Vladimir region
Vladimir, Skladskaya1
Zip code 60000

Manufacturing: Electrical Equipment:
  Distribution panel ЩО-70 by bus. BA
  Induction and distribution device HoAM
  Shields storied ЩЭ
  Power distribution cabinets SHR 11
  Items distribution OL 11 (OL 24, OL 85, OL 87)
  Boxes engine I 5000
  Your story distribution type Ware
  and distribution device storey modular type UERM
  Boxes Series YARP power, high-voltage chamber CSR 366
  Cable type SCHAP IOVs; boxes downtransformer YATP
  Boxes induction records series NED; Cable ABP type SCHAP
  Put: QFT internal installations 400-2500 kVA,
TALs kioskovogo type 100-630kVA,
TALs outdoor installation of 25-250kVA.
NVA, starters, contactors power transformers, oil transformers, measuring transformers
Relays, timers, relays the control phase, intermediate relays,
thermal relay
Automatic protection, automatic circuit breakers, fuses,
UZO, buttons, button positions, packet switches, PA
Phone +7 4922 305368

Electronic devices and stuffs / Devices of commutations
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

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