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Ukraine, Kyiv region
Kiev, Akademika Bielecki, 3
Zip code 03126
Code ОКПО 32850806

High pressure mobile and stationary (project, installation and rental) HM "Kranzle " (Germany) for cleaning and cleaning of various types of surfaces (process equipment, facilities, vehicles). Detergents, disinfectants and car cleaning supplies HM "Nerta " (Belgium). Design and installation of washing equipment for cleaning of any tanks, using high pressure cleaning heads. Design and installation of permanent generators of cold mist. Vacuum cleaners, dry cleaning and floor equipment. Accessories and service.
  The project and installation autowashing sets self - a new business to our region, but the concept was equally appealing as a professional washing business and for beginners in this field. Install a self-wash, with large shopping complexes, avtotehtsentrah, in large parking, gas stations, large parking lots at the federal and regional roads - are just some of the forms of their application. Equipping these complexes collection systems, treatment and recycling of water can take the environmental tensions in the city and suburbs, where the density of car ownership is high.
  We produce components and spare parts from stainless steel, brass and other
materials, do a partial assembly and manufacture complete processing of complex products
high accuracy.
  Fulfill internal and external cleaning of heat exchange equipment.
Implement not destroying equipment control of internal surfaces of tubes of heat exchange equipment using videoskopa.
  Equipment for disinfecting water in enterprises and households.
Bactericidal lamps MSS Sterilight (Canada) are used to disinfect water. High quality, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, longevity.
Phone +380 66 7873430
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / An equipment is for food retail industry
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer. Services

Last update: 26.06.2009

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