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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region
Днепропетровск, Belostotskogo str. 143 of. 307/10
Zip code 49000

We are an official and exclusive partner on Ukraine of leading producers of a vent equipment in Europe, specialized on supplying with high-quality and hi-tech products for editing of the systems of ventilation. Assortment of products: • Compact reveal settings (Frivent, Austria); • Module reveal-drawings climatic settings for internal, naruzhnogo and kryshnogo editing (Frivent, Austria); • Ceilings air otopiteli (Frivent, Austria); • Osushiteli of air for pools (Frivent, Austria); • Air curtains, fen-koyly (Frivent, Austria); • Vodookhlazhdayuschie settings and refrigeration machines (Frivent, Austria); • Radial (centrifugal) air-exhausters with a reverse valve (Lunos, Germany); • Axial ventilators (Lunos, Germany); • Devices of transmission of air (reveal devices) (Lunos, Germany); • Additional accessories and belongings (Lunos, Germany); A wide assortment of products, special knowledges, is in different industries, higher quality of our commodity, excellent service, affordable costs - you can get all of it, co-operating with us.
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Build equipment
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Extractions, ventilators
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Services

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Air conditioners and ventilation systems
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