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Ukraine, Volynsk region
Lutsk, Elektroapparatna, 3 ofis 409
Zip code 43020
Code ОКПО 34827145

1. Ropes are steel freight, gruzolyudskie in an assortment.
2. Stropy steel wire-rope, chain and textile.
3. Hooks to the faucet and chalochnye, koushi and links to stropam.
4. Hydraulic light carts (ROCLA), pilers, mechanical push-carts. 5. Autoloaders. Spare parts to the loaders of "Balkankar"dr.
6. Kran-balki, telpher, hand chain putchass, winches and jacks. 7. Spare parts to the Bulgarian telphers.
8. Spare parts to the motor-car, tower, gantry faucets and autotowers (type of SS, AGP, AP, TVG).
9. Devices of safety of g/p faucets and autotowers (Warners, terminators, pointing, anemometers, eventual switches).
10. Tower faucets (Spain).
11. Samustanavlivayuschie tower faucets (Spain).
12. Free-standing self-propelled faucets.
13. Autotowers (type of SS, AGP, AP, TVG).
14. Spectekhnika: bulldozers, graders, power-shovels.
15. Hydromotors, gidronasosi, distributors, hydrocylinders, valves gidroshtovkhachi and hydrovalves pilot-operated check, to the truck cranes, autotowers, loaders, power-shovels and other spectekhnike.
16. Captures for a sheet-metal, clamps are wire-rope, staples are transitional, turnbuckle, rembolty.
17. Chains of different tiprazmerov (kruglo-, dlinnozven'evye, privodnye, roller, plastinchatye).
Offers the followings services:
1. Production of steel rope beckets (Permission on beginning of implementation of works of enhanceable danger is given out the State committee of Ukraine on industrial safety, labour and mountain supervision protections from 22.04.2008r. ¹080.08.07-51.87.0).
2. Editing, repair and service, with the use of welding of loadings cranes and lifts of all types (Permission on beginning of implementation of works of enhanceable danger is given out the State departmesupervision from 05.02.2009r. ¹023.09.07-51.87.0).
3. Editing of tower, gantry and bridge faucets, kran-balok and telphers.
4. Repair of hydrocylinders, hydraulic pumps, distributors, valves of loadings cranes, autotowers and other spectekhniki pilot-operated check.
5. Making of hydrocylinders and their komplektuyuschikh.
6. Development of technical document on safe exploitation of loadings cranes, machines and mechanisms (instructions with OP, post instructions, log-books, orders, order et al).
Delivery the commodity of vo all regiony of Ukrainy of besplatna!
Phone +380 (332) 252107
Fax +380 (332) 252107
Skype potapsan
Site http://kran.pp.net.ua
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Materials of timbers and metizy / Ropes
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