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Ukraine, Zaporozhie region
Zaporizhzhya, street
Zip code 69035
Code ОКПО 36803351

Ltd. "Incom Plus" provides a tool for more than three thousand items of domestic and foreign manufacturers from stock and on order at the best price for cashless payment.
Company "Incom Plus" offers the following range of tools produced in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries, abrasive tools, metal cutting tools, equipment, machine tool, small tools, measuring tools, metal hardware, as well as other types of tools.
Established close contacts with companies manufacturers, large firms in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, so quickly and at an affordable price can provide a large selection of universal as well as special tools.
Company "Incom Plus" has its own manufacturing base enables to produce various types of tools, spare parts and equipment to customer's drawings. We have mastered the production of spare parts to breakers, some plumbing tools, a number of planing cutters.
Our customer, we guarantee:
- Quality of products supplied
- Flexible system of discounts
- Guaranteed service and rentals of power tools
- Convenient delivery any transport carrier
Always look forward to working with you.
Phone +38 (061) 2200015
Fax +38 (061) 2246615

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Woodworking equipment

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Metal-working equipment

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Build equipment

Clothes. Soft goods / Overall and facilities of individual defence
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Instruments / Woodworking
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Instruments / Metal-working
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Instruments / Measuring device
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Instruments / Metalwork
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Instruments / Pneumatic instrument
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