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Ukraine, Kharkiv region
Kharkov, per. Simferopol, 6
Zip code 61093

The company "IC SMART" is an authorized dealer «SALDA» - European leader in ventilation and air-heating equipment. Offers a selection and supply the full range of components and systems for domestic industrial ventilation from duct fans to air handling units with a capacity 85 000 m3 / h!
A short list of equipment SALDA (Lithuania):
Channel fans for round and rectangular duct series VKA, VKAS, VKO, VKS, VKSV, AKU, VKSA, KUV;
Roof fans series VSV, VSA;
Air handling units of series of PTA, VEKA, Air handling units with plate heat exchanger series RIS V (vertical design), RIS F (Pendant), RIS, RIS W, RIRS V (vertical design), RIRS, Air handling units with rotary heat exchanger and water heater series RIRS W; Remote control units for RIS, RIRS, Round duct Heaters ESA Rectangular ducts Heaters EKS, Power Controllers for electric heaters EKR series, Air Heaters SAV, Speed ​​Controllers Series MTY (teristornye speed controls) Speed ​​Reducer series TGRV, TGRT (transformer speed controllers), Silencers Series AKS, SKS, Kruglny valve for actuator series SKM, SKG (sealed), round-return valve series RSK, round valve with manual adjustment series SKR, a rectangular flap actuator series SSK , channel filters Series FD, FDS, actuators for air dampers GRUNER, 3-way lateral valves (for water), 3-way drive (for water) SIEMENS, nodes without tying three-way valve actuator Salda, temperature sensors, thermostats and pressostats , configurable digital controllers REGIN, plate heat exchangers, mist eliminators Freon cooler, water cooler, water coolers round series AVA, Round Water Heaters AVS.
The actuators BELIMO: Electric air dampers, actuators linear action, Multi-, actuators with spring return, feedback potentiometer, positioner, Room temperature controller, digital position indicator, Electric fire retarding valves and smoke valve, ball valve, Two-way control ball valve, Three-way ball valve regulator, Two-way ball valve (on / off), three-way ball valve (on / off), three-way valve to switch flow valve with constant flow PICCV, Electric ball valves, globe valves with electric actuators, electric actuators for globe valves, valves butterfly with electric, explosion-proof actuators, Schischek (Germany), Rotary actuators, Systems VAV, rotary mixing valves.
Accessories: Shinoreyka, angles, temperature profile for hanging-in, adhesive tapes, tapes, flexible insert, pin, bracket for mounting the air conditioner, insulation for air ducts, flexible ducts, clamps, etc.
Elements of ventilation systems: throttle valves, flexible connectors, universal vent valve, check valve, silencers, filter boxes, ventilation grills (aluminum, zinc), etc.
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Air conditioners and ventilation systems

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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Extractions, ventilators

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