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Ukraine, Kyiv region
Kiev, 123 Peremohy Ave, office 321 KYIV 03179 UKRAINE

Agency of Industrial Marketing ( AIM ) - consulting company providing 1997 full-service marketing research, strategic planning and management of loyalty for industrial manufacturers , B2B companies , sales offices and economic development agencies .

AIM provides marketing services in industrial b2b markets. Technical understanding of industry-specific markets is the key to high performance AIM .

Our experts possess the necessary set of specialized knowledge and analytical skills to conduct a comprehensive analysis of industrial markets :
Industry terminology
competitive environment
Specificity of market segmentation
commercial range of goods
technology of production
Features sales in segments

PAM experts competent in the following markets :
Car market
agro-industrial complex
architectural Glass
stone market
Construction machinery
building materials
Cantehkeramika and bathrooms
Containers and packaging
Energy Efficiency
Drinks and food
raw materials
Security services and security

The main specialization of the Agency of Industrial Marketing ( AIM ) - uzkoprofilnye study industrial B2B markets of Ukraine , Russia , Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. The company provides services in 2005 , we carry out a comprehensive analysis of markets and related markets , which are directly associated with them.

In addition to regular research agency has extensive experience in measuring relationships with partners / contractors - how they make decisions on cooperation or how to relate to the brand , etc.

The company has its own contact center that allows not to subcontractors and to do quality research in this direction competent people.

Qualitative research include:
1. Study degree brand awareness among the trade , construction and building organizations :
   • brand awareness ;
   • Rating knowledge brands among trade organizations ;
   • Rating brands of knowledge construction organizations ;
2 . Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising communication channels :
   • The importance of different sources of information for building and trade organizations ;
   • Rating sources of information ;
   • What sources of information trading and construction organizations use when searching for information about products and materials ?
   • What communication channels are effective and which are not ?
   • How to distribute advertising / communications budget for the most effective results ?
3 . Investigation of system purchase decision materials :
   • The impact of the decision when buying between builder and customer - installer ;
   • The impact of the decision when buying between Trade Organization and the buyer;
   • Who actually makes the final decision when choosing the material , and who will influence this decision.
   • Who should first direct communication in order to increase the impact of demand , increase awareness , and so on ?
4 . Rating drivers forming loyalty to the company / TM on specific industrial market (BenchMark industrywide NPS):
   • Average rating of loyalty within the industry ;
   • Loyalty Index rating companies within the industry ;
   • Rating Dreyer loyalty within the industry

Individual approach to each ! Research is conducted solely under the customer's needs !

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123 Peremohy Ave, office 321 KYIV 03179 UKRAINE
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