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Ukraine, Zaporozhie region
Zaporizhia, vul. Academica Oleksandrova
Zip code 69093

LLC "Ukrstandart CERTIFICATION" provides a wide range of services for foreign trade regulations - services of all necessary permits for the import customs clearance. As part of the activities for customers providing services for registration:

Certificates in national UkrSEPRO Series 1 year - from 3000 UAH.
Certificates (motor oil Aviation) Series 1 year - from 4000 UAH.
Certificates (gasoline) Series 1 year - from 4500 UAH.
Certificate of conformity with technical regulations (fuel) production batch 4350 UAH.

Certification of vehicles:
Auto Cars (new / used) - 600 - 800 UAH.
certificates for self-propelled machinery (agricultural, special equipment) - 1000 - 1500 UAH. party 5000 UAH. Series 1 year
spare parts:
if not subject to assessment, customs evasion to 220 UAH., 500 USD per contract.
if subject to declaration, the 1500 - 1900 UAH. on consignment.

Voluntary certification from an accredited body NAAU -
1500 UAH. a batch of products, from 3000 UAH. the series of 1 year
Conclusion for customs clearance (without the certification and declaration) - 220 UAH.
Metrological conclusion on measurement techniques - from 800 UAH. (Excluding VAT)
1 day to scan. copies of documents
Certification of measuring devices (no samples) - 3500 UAH.

Declaration of conformity with technical regulations - from 1200 UAH. on consignment.
Declaration of conformity with technical regulations (standard 1 year): 3500-5000 USD.

Ministry of Health
Sanitary-epidemiological examination and obtaining sanitary and epidemiological expertise (signature in the Ministry of Health of Tuesday and Thursday):
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion:
  - Food group, toys, baby items - on request.
- Cosmetics (toxicology reports from the manufacturer) - 3000 UAH.
- Household goods, machinery, light industry, an industry group - from 2500 UAH.
- Medical equipment (need a scan. Copy of the protocol of clinical trials and registration certificate) - 3500 UAH.
Registration of medical devices - from $ 8, 000.
Confirmation of registration of medical supplies.
Getting explanatory letters about the need to register as medical supplies.
Register of dietary supplements - from 8000 UAH.
Registration of disinfectants - 16 000 UAH.

Chamber of Commerce
Assigning a code UKTVED - 1500 UAH. 2-3 days
Registration certificate of origin - 2500 UAH. 1 day
Confirmation of the customs value - on request

Security Service of Ukraine
Getting conclusions SBU on dual-use goods 1500 UAH. 2 days,
500 UAH. 5 days

Ministry of the Environment.
Conclusion "Green list of wastes" $ 800. For 5-7 days
Permits depleting $ 850. Party, $ 1, 100. Contract
Obtaining permits for dangerous goods and waste.

State Service of Ukraine for Drug Control
Conclusions about the absence of drugs and precursors - $ 550. 2 days
Licenses and certification for imports of narcotic drugs and precursors
Phone +380 (61) 2201001
+380 (50) 3489888

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Certification and certification of products and services

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