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The mission of our company "New House" is developing and implementing solutions in the construction industry as the wooden houses and brick houses, which are designed for many years to create coziness and comfort you and your family.

Our main area of ​​activity, as the construction of houses of brick and wood, as well as production of construction materials such as wood beams of wood, paneling, floorboards, profiled beams, doors, windows, etc.

By combining seemingly incompatible -traditsii and modernity - our company offers a wide range of products, and the ability to choose from a maximum number of variants of design solutions the only thing necessary for you!

For many hundreds of years, people preferred to live in wooden houses. After all their advantages of wooden houses are obvious:

Tree -The natural natural material, and for your health - the most useful and eco-friendly.
The wooden house is always clean air, and the humidity and oxygen balance are maintained at optimum level regardless of external conditions, which ensures a comfortable stay.
Wooden wall with their ability to "breathe" - to pass air through the structure of the fibers in both directions - serve as a universal system of air-conditioning.
A high thermal insulation properties of wood make your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
The main advantages of wood as a building material are considered to be its strength and durability.
And the modern technologies of production allow us to say that your home does not happen for decades.
Made of dry material does not require home interior decoration, wood goes well with almost all materials.

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