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Package: Standart

Ukraine, Zaporozhie region
Zaporozhye, Pobedy 129
Zip code 69057

GSM-alarm signaling "Horta 5", complete with sensors (security, fire, gas sensors, flood, etc.), Actuators, is an automated system for round the clock protection of various objects of property (houses, flats, offices, garages, warehouses premises and adjacent territories) .
The main purpose of the device - the timely detection of unauthorized access to protected premises, fire, flooding, gas leaks or other events resulting in material damage or loss of life. Preventive measures at the site, warning users of the system by means of GSM-communication (SMS-messages, dial-up) .
GSM-alarm signaling "Horta 5" - vandal-proof metal housing white with a lock. The front panel mounted LEDs for visual monitoring of the power state of the network GSM, protection regime, as well as state security loop. The enclosure is fitted board GSM-alarm signaling, power supply, fuse terminal block for connection to 220 V. Space for installing the battery capacity of 7 A / h, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the system in the absence of 220 V, up to 10 days.
It has 4 inputs for connection of a security loop and 1 control output. Memory for 8 user phone numbers, 16 key "Touch Memory". Outputs to connect the siren, the remote LED. A separate output power supply for sensors, with the possibility of relief. The outputs of the device are protected by electronic fuses, and inputs - overvoltage. You can connect the remote temperature sensor, a microphone, an external antenna. Integrated controller battery. There is a light and sound indication of operation. Support for plugins zones and outputs.

Phone +380 (61) 2207099

Guard and safety / Guard, signaling and videosupervision systems

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