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Ukraine, Kharkiv region
Kharkov, Saltovskoe shosse, 250
Zip code 61171
Code ОКПО 33970799

The company has been engaged in growing agricultural products since 2005. We grow wheat, barley, peas, soybeans, corn, sunflower, sugar beets and other crops. We already have good experience in different cultivation technologies. We already know what drugs and when it is better to use. And also experienced a large number of seeds from different manufacturers. In 2018, the company opened an online store selling goods for farmers. We sell seeds of corn, sunflower, potatoes and other plants. You can buy herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, plant growth stimulants and other products from us. Agrostos is the official distributor and representative of a number of manufacturing companies. We sell all products first-hand. Delivery of goods in Ukraine, and in the Kharkiv region for free. Specialists of the company will tell you what seeds and chemistry are better for you, believe me they have a lot of experience. Wholesale discounts are regular, promotions and sales are held. Buy all goods at the price of the manufacturer. Hurry up the closer the crop, the more expensive the price.

Phone +380 687189299
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Agriculture / Corn cultures, facilities of defence of plants, seed, nursery transplants, sowing materials
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Last update: 26.04.2019

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