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A tabletop made of acrylic or quartz stone is a good addition to the arrangement of the kitchen, bathroom or living room. In addition to an attractive design and a wide selection of decorative colors, they have:

- Resistance to physical influences.
- Do not collapse from moisture, salts, alkalis and acids.
- Easy to clean.
Properties of acrylic resin countertops

Acrylic stone is a malleable material, plus an effective heat insulator. About 30 percent it consists of a synthetic binder base, 60-70 percent - from crushed minerals. Due to this, acrylic stone countertops can be deformed in a hot state for the manufacture of products of complex shape and connected without gaps. Nevertheless, the acrylic agglomerate is not difficult to scratch, but the furrows are easily polished.

Properties of quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are equal in strength to natural stone. They contain from 93 to 95 percent of the whole breed. As a result, they are stronger, but also more massive than acrylic. Quartz can withstand contact with hot surfaces better. In this regard, it is more correct to purchase it for a kitchen worktop.

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