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Ukraine, Sumi region
Sumi, Kharkiv st. 23 / 1, Suite 120
Zip code 40024
Code ОКПО 23291891

Our company since 1995, supplies industrial equipment. Currently nomeklatura equipment that we supply includes:
1. pumps and spare parts for them - centrifugal pumps for thermal power (PE, SE, PD, Ks, KO, KsV, SCO, NC, CNS), drainage and water supply (D, TSN), pumping oil (NM, NEC), vacuum pumps (VVN, AVZ, NVZ, AVPl) svobodnovihrevye (SVN);
2. centrifuges for refining and chemical industries - OGN, OGSH, OTR, FVSH. FGN, FPI, FNV, FGP and spare parts for them;
3. industrial valves for various environments;
4. mining equipment - mine automation, office automation, dispatch, launch and communications, defense, mining equipment for electric and control equipment, control units and signaling to the starting equipment, high-voltage power and distribution equipment, engines for heavy-duty mining and melnichnyh mechanisms Mine winches, spare parts for the scraper conveyor, grab cranes, greyfery, winches, tackle explosion-proof;
5. Spare parts and components for diesel aggregates Series 10 D100 (main locomotive TE10) and D50 (shunting locomotive TEM2);
6. Complete spare parts compressors: 3VSH1 ,6-3 / 46; VSH-3/40; VSH-2, 3 / 230.
As well as other industrial equipment applications.
Phone +380 (95) 1890660
Fax +380 (542) 321637
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Chemical equipment
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Last update: 27.10.2008

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Standart Ukraine, Sumi

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Standart Ukraine, Sumi

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