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Ukraine, Hmelnick region
Khmelnitskiy, Svobodu street 70/112
Zip code 29000

Complete engineering infrastructure construction, industrial and municipal facilities. All for heat, water and gas supply. All for professional welding. Welding equipment, accessories, calcium carbide, welding wire, welding electrodes. Shut-off valves. Elbows, reducers, flanges, tees, caps, couplings, sleeves, thread, taps, valves, bolts, valves, filters, regulators. Flax fiber, kabalka, plates, paronite, stuffing, stuffing box, asboshnur, asbestos board, bolts, nuts, Brisola, fiberglass. Pumps, fans, boilers, membrane tanks, hydraulic accumulators. Gauging devices, thermometers, manometers, naporomery, heat meters, gas, water, oil. Gas detectors, gas control Punto. Clothing, footwear. Personal Protective Equipment. Abrasives. Metal, copper, polypropylene, cast iron pipes. Consulting on supply and scope of audit of the estimated cost objects. Company registered in 1991. The engineering market since 1996. Khmelnitsky, Kiev, Zhitomir.

Phone +380 (382) 795475
+380 (382) 762472

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Fire-prevention equipment

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Device making / Devices of controls and measuring
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Pipes
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