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Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk region
Ivano-Francovsk, st. Galitskaya, 22- b
Zip code 76000

Trade of audio-, video-, by a domestic technique. Trade komp'yuternoy and technical means and equipment. Setting of the systems of satellite television. Setting of the systems of conditioning of air and telephone ATS.
Phone +380 (342) 776163, 779097, 776077

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Communication means / ATE, mini-ATE
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Extractions, ventilators
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Audio-, video. Electronics. Clock / Video of technician / Television sets
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Computers / Computers
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Technical means and equipment / Copying technique
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Standart Ukraine, Ivano-Francovsk

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Standart Ukraine, Ivano-Francovsk

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Standart Ukraine, Ivano-Francovsk

Planning, editing and maintenance of the systems of conditioning, ventilations

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