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Ukraine, Zaporozhie region
Melitopol', street of Chkalova, 2/3
Zip code 72318
Code ОКПО 23876700

We offer the equipment of own production for the line of rozliva in glass and PAT bottles, small bottles, tanks of wine, vodka, mineral water, lemonade, beer, kvass, vegetable butter, domestic chemistry and other food and technical liquids of the small and middle productivity. Also we produce a semi-automatic equipment for rozliva of quiet liquids (water, wine, creams and pr.) in B/Ss of type of Bag-in-box/drum from 2 to 220 litres.
Phone +380 (6192) 53699, 54485
Fax +380 (6192) 53699
Site http://www.tallar.com.ua
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Container and packing / Packing equipment
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / An equipment is for food retail industry

Container and packing / Lines of overflow of liquid
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Phone +380 962810398
Fax +380 619253699
Site http://www.tallar.com.ua
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Container and packing / Metering devices
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