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Ukraine, Kyiv region
Kiev, Obolnskiy prospect, 23 - A
Zip code 04205
Code ОКПО 32772

Gas, opacimeter to control vehicle emission devices for an inspection of vehicles, equipment and laboratories for environmental control, the identification of pollutant emissions.

Creating a mobile (mobile) environmental laboratory-based with an assembly minibuses raznoobraznyhekologicheskih, analytical instruments to control the parameters of water pollution, soil, air, radiological monitoring devices, portable meteorological (FRN). A special performance of the bus, air conditioning, heating the passenger compartment, a network of 220V, certification car
  According to GOST 4277 and 4276 enterprises and organizations - the owners of vehicles - legal entities, SRT, environmental inspection, traffic police to control environmental parameters of vehicles must have the appropriate means of monitoring tool: automatic gas analyzers and opacimeter.
  "Avtoekoprilad" offers mobile and fixed gazonalizatori, other environmental monitoring instruments for flue gas, optimization of combustion processes, validation jobs, pylemizmeriteli portable, computerized systems for environmental monitoring. Gas measurement set using a multi-infrared gas-NO, NO2. SO2. O2. CH4. CO2 systems and sampling Saxon Junkalor (Germany) designed to optimize combustion processes and monitoring of flue gas in power plants, reducing fuel consumption, reduce emissions to the atmosphere, minimizing environmental charges:
  Ltd. "Avtoekoprilad" full range of repairs, rehabilitated works with the next state metrological certification of gas and dymoizmeriteley: INA 109, 121FA01, 123FA01, 102 FA01, GIAM, INFRALYT, Infrakar.
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Transport / Motor transport / Trucks and special transport
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