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Ukraine, Chernigiv region
Bakhmach, Chernigov st. , 60
Zip code 16500
Code ОКПО 04839

Our enterprise will make and will realize:

1. Non-standard metalloizdeliya and metallokonstruktsii, products of non-standard engineer. We will project and will make on Your task the products of engineer, including single and melkoseriynye orders, and also orders on tooling of metals.

2. Induction crucible stoves became for melting, cast-iron, copper, bronze, composition-metal, aluminium and alloys of aluminium group:
- Stoves for melting of copper and its alloys are Stoves for melting of aluminium and his alloys
- Stoves for melting of aluminium and his alloys

3. Neftegazopromyshlennoe equipment on the undercarriage of KRAZ:

- a tsementirovochnyy aggregate of УНБ1 – 160 kh 40 (analogue of TSA -320),
- the mixer setting WHISKER 6-30, is the osrednitel'naya setting of UO -16,
- setting of peskosmesitel'naya USP – 50М
- a pump high pressure 9ТМ.

4. Borings options of UBSR-25М for secret service of rossypnykh minerals and boring drilling of mining holes of large diameter.

We will make for you:
· Metalloplastikovye of window, door, window of partition (on Your individual order)
· Joiner's wares: windows, doors and door boxes, platband, plinth, lath, shtapik and etc
· Saw-timbers: a board is an edge and unedge, squared beam, stropila (strugannye and nestrugannye) and etc
· Metalloizeliya: garage and fence gate, бронедвери, grates, ogrady, gates in a fence and other metallokonstruktsii
· Sidewalk tile: «brick», «old city», «clover», «spool», a block builds, poberik small
· Facade tile
· Penobloki, penobeton by a closeness from 300 to 1200 kg/m3
· Concrete (solution)
· Delivery made products
· Build works: editing, piling, setting, etc.

Exactly, high-quality and in time will

Make necessary you wares and materials on our enterprise, will deliver if necessary, where you need!

The bearer of this announcement gets a discount from 1 to 5%

For the receipt of discount to present this code 2748905450

Size of discount is determined the lump sum of order:

To 10 000 Uah - 1%
from 10 000 to 20 000 Uah – 2%
from 20 000 to 30 000 Uah – 3%
from 30 000 to 40 000 Uah – 4%
more than 40 000 Uah - 5%
Phone +380 (4635) 31684, (44) 4928706
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