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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region
Dnepropetrovsk, 9A Donetske Shosse st.
Zip code 49000
Code ОКПО 34823381

The Group of companies “SALVE” is a trade association of companies that promote and distribute the products of FMCG in Ukraine. The Group of Companies contains of: “Salve Alko” Co Ltd, Trading Network “Bolshaya Logka”.
The headquarters is situated in Dnepropetrovsk region; it’s the most major industrial and the most attractive area for investment in Ukraine.
The exclusive rights to import:
- Bear, Nonalcoholic beverages (SUN Interbrew Co Ltd – the world’s preeminent seller – Russia);
- Wine (IM “Zlatovin” SRL – Moldova), [The Importer – Salve Alko Co Ltd];

These products are supplied to our distributors around the Ukraine.

Salve Alko Co Ltd consist of seven branch offices around the Ukraine (the staff is 300).
The total area of our warehouses is about 13000 square maters, supplying more than 5000 clients.
The number of transport units is 51 (tonnage is from 3,5 to 20).
The company has 62 trade representatives, 14 supervisors, 7 directors of subsidiary.

Represented International Brands: NEMIROFF;
Represented National Brands: ASKOVIT, ZLATOGOR, VOGAK, GETJMAN, STATUS, Holodnij Yar, GRINVICH, VINIYA, LIVADIYA, ZLATOVIN, FRANCUSKI BULVAR, ZOLOTAYA BALKA, TINKOFF, KLINSKOE, Sibirskaja Korona, TOLSTYAK, SHAKE, S-Juice, King’s Bridge, Non-Stop, Moya Semya, Vinnifrut etc.

TN “Bolshaya Logka” has 17 supermarkets, situating in the center and in the east of Ukraine. The average number of visitors a day is more than 102 thousand people; the number of supermarkets in the end of 2007 will have been increased to 25.

SALVE cooperates with next Trade Networks:
- Fozzy Group (180 supermarkets);
- ATB Market Co Ltd (170);
- Kviza Trade Co Ltd, Kibela Co Ltd, Furshet Co Ltd etc.

The Group of Companies has the teams of indirect salespeople and also it has the departments of direct sales in the most capacious areas of Ukraine, therefore we can assert that Brand, promoting by SALVE, will be represented at the highest levels.
Phone +380 (56) 7409277
Fax +380 (56) 7409277
Skype an.voko

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