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Ukraine, Crimea
Sevastopol, Ancient st, 34
Zip code 99045

In Sevastopol in the minute of walking ot a preserve Khersones Tavricheskiy, a design is created is a hotel, equal which not to find in all Crimea. Possibly, for majority combination design - a hotel will sound unusually. Although in the West this concept a long ago uses popularity for people, able to estimate pleasure of rest in the suites of rooms, where the best traditions of different world cultures are incarnate.

Every corner of hotel is saturated with the spirit of ancient Khersonesa - Suites of rooms. It is a main idea which his proprietors aimed to incarnate, because Khersones unchanging causes shock at each, who visits majestic ruins of once flowering and rich city, waterside the Black sea first. Falling in love to Sevastopol, founders of Suites of rooms Khersones thoughtful: and why not to bring back to life legend? And in sequence began to be incarnated
in reality projects, there was collection of numbers in ancient style.
Phone +380 (692) 241587
Fax +380 (692) 536069
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Standart Ukraine, Sevastopol

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Standart Ukraine, Sevastopol

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Standart Ukraine, Sevastopol

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