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Region's center
Russia, Ryazan region
Telephone code +7 4912
Zip code

Ryazan is a city in Russia, administrative center of the Ryazan region. A city is located on save Oki (in a 2 km from the river) a right, at an inflow in it of the river of Trubezh. Knot of railway lines on Moscou, Ruzaevku, Ryazhsk. Air-port of Turlatovo. Presently a city gives 60 % to the gross products of industry of area. Largest enterprises: JSC «Ryazanskiy Machine-tool plant»(metal-cutting machine-tools), JSC «PRO_SAM»(account-analytical machines), JSC «factory of autoaggregates», JSC «Tyazhpressmash», JSC «Ryazanskiy combine factory», JSC «Teplopribor», JSC «Ryaztsvetmet», et al. Enterprises of light industry: sewing, shoe factories et al. Food retail industry. Production of building materials. In the Ryazan district rear corn and forage cultures, potato, vegetables, fruit. Conduct a cattle, pigs, birds.

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