Coat of arms


Capital, Region's center
Ukraine, Kyiv region
Telephone code +380 44
Zip code 01000-06000

Kiev is a city on Dnepr. In chronicles mentioned from 860. IX - beginning of the XII item is the capital of Kievan Russia. From 1708 there is a center of the Kievan province. There is the capital of Ukrainian RSR in 1934-1991 Now Kiev is the capital of independent Ukraine and is the most administrative center of country. Kiev lies on both banks Dnepr, in its middle flow, below than place of connection with a levym influx - Desnoy. Area of Kiev within bounds of city line - 836 apt. km From them approximately 42% is built-up. Other territory is reservoirs and green arrays with planting of the general use. In a count on a 1 habitant of Kiev an area of green arrays and planting is 214 apt. m, that is one of the best indexes in the world.

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