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VAZ 2107

tags VAZ , cars , transportation , car

"Semerka " (Lada (VAZ), 2107) - chetyrehdverny axle rear-wheel sedan, light classical composition. At one time this car has earned in the southern republics of the former Soviet Union, the name "Russian Mercedes", the characteristic appearance. The car is based on the basic model family - VAZ 2105 (a modified version of the car Fiat 124, where the modification was largely cosmetic and are not affected

VAZ 2113

tags VAZ , cars , transportation , car

Lada 113 (VAZ-2113) - restaylingovaya version «G», which began production in the project «Samara-2». Trehdverny hetchbek VAZ-2113 came largely thanks to numerous appeals to the guide motorists AvtoVAZa requesting the resumption of production peredneprivodnyh malolitrazhek with body trehdverny hetchbek. In Lada 113 use the same structural and stylistic decisions that

VAZ Kalina 2117

tags VAZ , Lada , cars , transportation , car

Lada 1117 Kalina (Lada 1117 Kalina) - this pyatidverny minivan class «B», a new model of family car Lada Kalina. Universal Lada 1117 Kalina , thanks to the rapid fine-bottomed body, is a modern, elegant appearance, original lighting and improved interior design. Car Lada 1117 Kalina is maneuvers and perfectly suited to the conditions of traffic in the urban environment. The strength

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