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tags flour products , foodstuffs , bread , bakery

Bread - unifying name for the group of foods, prigotavlivaemyh through baking, steam treatment or frying dough consisting of a minimum of flour and water. In most cases, add salt, and baking powder is used, such as yeast. In some types of breads also add spices (like cumin grain) and grains (sesame seeds, poppy). Grains also used for decoration. Bread may be eaten alone, it is often eaten with butter,


tags foodstuffs , flour products , bakery , pizza

Pizza (Italian pizza) - Italy's national dish, in the form of an open round cake covered with tomatoes and molten cheese (usually mozzarella), which can vpekatsya different fillings (meat, ham, salami, seafood, vegetables, fruits , mushrooms, herbs, etc.). classic pizza dough is made from a special meal (a mixture of flour and flour durum), yeast, sugar, salt and water. Dough zameshivaetsya manually

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