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Airport - a set of facilities for receiving, sending aircraft and air transport services available for these purposes airfield, air terminal and other ground facilities and equipment. International Airport - an airport which open to incoming and outgoing aircraft engaged in international air transport, where the border and customs control.

Bus station

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Bus station (road station) - a complex of buildings and facilities for passengers of urban, suburban and intercity buses, line staff, rolling stock and storage. The main part of the bus station or bus station - the railway station building, platform for boarding and alighting passengers, entrance to the platform, usually isolated from the public roads. Bus arranged for the end-points and transit


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Грузоперевозки - это перевозки грузов при помощи транспортных средств.

Passenger traffic

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Passenger traffic


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Taxi (from the French. Taximètre «counter price», later was the name of the machine itself) - a means of public transport, usually a car used to transport passengers and goods to any specified point to the cost of the machine to count - taximeters. Sometimes (in less developed countries, almost always) appointed by the contract price with the driver. Most of the time as a taxi used

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