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Chemistry for a car

tags car , chemistry

Chemistry for a car


tags car , chemistry

Cooling fluid consists of water and antifreeze, special additives, represent the cooling system of internal combustion engine from the corrosive processes and very fluid from thermochemical destruction. Antifreeze called the compound, which if added to water, lowered its freezing point. Antifreeze are almost all inorganic salt (sodium chloride, potassium, calcium), aniline, alcohols, glycerol, glycol,

Detergents for car

tags car , chemistry , cleaning supplies

Detergents for car - avtoshampun - detergent - polirol


tags food additives , Building chemistry , construction , textiles , chemistry , paint

dyes - chemical compounds that have the ability to intensively absorb and convert the energy of electromagnetic radiation in the visible and near ultraviolet and infrared spectra and used to bring this ability to other bodies. The word «dye» its origin is obliged to AE Poraj-Kosice. A distinctive feature of the dye - the ability to soak colored material (such as textiles, paper, fur,


tags chemistry

Fertilizers - inorganic compounds that contain the necessary elements for plant nutrition. Fertilizers contain nutrients in the form of various mineral salts. Depending on what nutrients are contained in them, fertilizers are divided into simple and complex. Simple (unilateral) fertilizer containing any one element of power. These include phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and microfertilizers. Complex,


tags mastic , Building chemistry , construction , chemistry

Mastic is a viscous liquid, homogeneous mass, which, after applying to the surface and consolidation is becoming a monolithic cover.

Motor Oil

tags car , oil , chemistry

Mineral oils This is mainly refined petroleum products - lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, etc. In recent years developed a synthetic substance (polialfaolefiny, glycol, alkibenzoly, silicones, complex esters, mixing and other products) intended to carry out the respective roles, their tradition is also called «oil», from the English word oil - petroleum, oil. All mineral


tags paint , chemistry , Building chemistry , construction

Nitrokrasiteli - organic compounds containing one or more azogrupp, eg, congo red, methyl orange, β-naftoloranzh and others. Nitrokrasiteli vary in color, usually not very desk. Nitrokrasiteli - the most abundant class of synthetic dyes used for coloring textiles, leather, paper, rubber, to paint, printing and other industries, in analytical chemistry as an indicator.


tags paint , building materials , construction , Building chemistry , chemistry

Paints - a common name for a group of colored coloring substances intended for direct use in any sphere of life or a certain process. According to the chemistry of pigments and paints made from them are divided into mineral (inorganic salts or metal oxides) and organic (complex compounds, mainly of plant or animal origin). And they both can be natural (natural) and artificial (synthetic). Most often,


tags chemistry

Pesticides (from Lat. pestis - zymosis and lats. caedo - kill) are chemicals used to fight harmful organisms. Pesticides combine the following groups of substances: herbicides, destroying weeds, insecticides, destroying pests, fungicides, destroying pathogenic fungi, zootsidy, destroying noxious warm-blooded animals, etc. The majority of pesticides - are poisons, poisonous-target organisms, but They

Petroleum products

tags chemistry , fuel , processing of oil

Petroleum products - a mixture of hydrocarbons, as well as individual chemical compounds derived from petroleum and petroleum gases. By the oil products include various types of fuel (petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc.), lubricants, electrical environments, solvents, petrochemical feedstocks. Petroleum products are obtained as a result of chemical processes - the distillation of crude oil, which at different


tags chemistry

Polycarbonates - the group of thermoplastics, polyesters complex coal acids and alcohols diatomic general formula (-ORO-CO-) n. The greatest industrial importance are aromatic polycarbonates, especially polycarbonate based on bisphenol A, because of the availability of bisphenol A SYNTHESIZED condensation of phenol and acetone. Polycarbonate (PC, PC) has a set of valuable properties: transparency,


tags chemistry

Rubber (from Lat. Resina «Resin») - an elastic material obtained vulcanized rubber. Depending on the degree of curing Rezina divided into mild (1-3% sulfur), and semi-solid (30% sulfur) (ebonite). Rubber is used in the manufacture of tires and rubber-technical products Rubber industry (manufacturing). For oilcloth are linen or cotton and rubber adhesives, representing the rubber


tags household chemicals , cosmetics , chemistry , cleaning supplies

Soap - liquid or solid product, containing surfactants, in conjunction with the water used either as a cosmetic tool - for cleaning and skin care (toilet soap), or as a means of household chemicals - detergent (soap economical). In recent years soap mass as a cosmetic product using more and more used in liquid form. Hard soap is often used in the form of copyright products. As a household chemical

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