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tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery

Cake - flour confectionery products, vypekaemoe of a special test, may be added to taste honey, walnuts, raisins, fruit or berry jam, spices. On the type of cake - figured plate, rectangular or oval shape on top of which vydavlen image. By way of cooking cakes is divided into three categories: print, vyreznye and lepnye. Printed - the most commonly manufactured using gingerbread boards made of hard


tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery

Cake (from Italy. torta sr.isp. tortilla - cake) - European holiday dessert in the form of a pile of sweet cakes (korzhey) impregnated with cream, syrup or jam. On top of a cake decorated with designs of cream and fruit.


tags foodstuffs , confectionery , flour products

Cake - confectionary small sweet sdobnogo dough, usually stuffed with cream. Pies - piece confectionery products with various forms of art decorated surface. The mass of them ranged from 17 to 110 of Pies are divided into separate groups according to the semi vypechennogo test: - biskvitnye - sand - puff - zavarnye - air - hazelnut - kroshkovye


tags foodstuffs , confectionery

Chocolate (engl. Chocolate, fr. Chocolat, sp. Chocolate) - a term denoting various types of confectionery products, manufactured using the fruits of cocoa. According to the method of processing chocolate divided into desertnuyu and ordinary. Dessert chocolate has a high aromatic dignity and fine dispersity. These properties it acquires as a result of a particularly thorough and lengthy process.


tags confectionery , foodstuffs

Confectionery (candy, sweets and sweet dishes) vysokokaloriynye and legkousvoyaemye foods with high sugar content, distinct taste and pleasant aroma. As the main raw material for making confectionery products, the following types of products: flour (wheat, less corn, rice, oat, etc.), sugar, honey, fruits and berries, milk and cream, fats, eggs, yeast, starch, cocoa, nuts, edible acid, zheliruyuschie


tags confectionery , flour products , foodstuffs , cookie

Cookies - a type of bread. Cookies made from various kinds of dough or a mixture of grains with the addition of the test, and then giving him some form of (circle, diamond, tube, etc.). There are options with the addition of sweet fillings (chocolate, raisins, condensed milk) and baking at high temperature. Cookies - it is not Пирожное. The following types of cookies: - Sugar - prolonged - Butter


tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery , cookie

Cracker - biscuit, called cookies, prigotovlyaemogo of wheat flour and fat, fermented. Cracker typically has puzyrchatuyu surface and a porous, fragile structure. In crackers, apart from flour, fat and yeast, depending on the class added the chemical rippers, milk, melange, sugar, cumin and other products.


tags foodstuffs , confectionery

Marmalade - Food products made from fruits, boiled with sugar, with the addition of pectin and taste additives (may be a kind of thick jam). In English-speaking countries, the word English. marmalade jam only means of citrus fruit (especially oranges). In the Soviet Union in marmalade added ingredients not related to fruit (such as agar-agar).


tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery

Vaflya - a kind of fine dry biscuits to print on the surface. Vypekaetsya of whipped liquid test in special ways. The test consists of flour, eggs, sugar and cream. Pieces wafers often lubricates cream between them. You can use ice cream or berries. This type of confectionery products are manufactured, mainly in the special industrial equipment. To prepare the wafers used in home appliances waffle-iron.

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