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Abrasive materials

tags materials , construction

Abrasive materials (Fr. abrasif - grinding, from lat. Abradere - scale) - are materials that possess high hardness, and used for surface treatment of different materials. Abrasive materials are used in the processes of grinding, polishing, honing, superfinishirovaniya, cutting materials and are widely used in harvesting and production of final processing of metallic and nonmetallic materials. The


tags construction , accessories , building materials

Accessories (French fourniture, from the French. fournir - delivery, supply, Eng. furniture, therein. Beschlag) - auxiliary parts and components necessary to manufacture a solid object. Accessories may furniture (it catches, handles, hinges), footwear (buckles, laces, zippers), windows (handles, hinges), etc. Furniture is usually made separately from the manufacture of key components of the product,

Aluminum Reechnye ceilings

tags building materials , construction , Ceilings

Aluminum Reechnye ceilings 84 mm applies for both domestic and outdoor activities. unrivaled multi-layer coating, the diversity of color and invoice solutions will allow the ceiling to write in any style and design facilities. All panels are made of aluminum tape thickness 0.3 mm - 0.5 mm plane ceiling, which can be performed using the system Pinion ceiling may be not only flat but curvilinear

Attic ladders

tags building materials , construction , roofing materials

By variety of types and a complete set of solutions to the problem of convenient and comfortable recovery from one level to another, especially in cramped conditions, when the installation of fixed ladder structure is impossible because of the small size of ceiling aperture. The second important advantage of the attic stairs - they do not permanently occupy valuable space. Maximum load on stage for

Beam reinforced concrete

tags construction , building materials , Concrete Products

reinforced concrete Balka

Beams crane ways

tags building materials , construction , Concrete Products

beams crane ways

Betonoplast for floor

tags Building chemistry , construction

BETONOPLAST floor - plasticizer to the concrete reduces the amount of water required to produce concrete and eliminates the use of lime. Thoroughly for the "warm floors, flooring, Schlicht.Capacity: jerry 5 liters. Status - liquid. BETONOPLAST added weight, the amount of 1.6% to 5% mass of cement in concrete, so-called of 16 ml / kg to 50 ml / kg cement (0,8-2,5 litres/50 kg cement). Proposed

Betonoplast universal

tags Building chemistry , construction

Plasticizer to the concrete reduces the amount of water required to produce concrete, reinforced concrete, intermediate, and roadway, channel plates, and road paving slabs, concrete walls, ceramic tiles. preclude the use of lime.Capacity: jerry 5 liters. Status - liquid. BETONOPLAST added weight, the amount of 1.6% to 5% mass of cement in concrete, so-called of 16 ml / kg to 50 ml / kg cement


tags building materials , construction , roofing materials , insulating materials

bitumen-polymer roofing and waterproofing material roofing waterproofing material intended for the device roofing and waterproofing in all climatic zones SNiP 23-01. replaced the "obsolete " Stekloizolu-Super and has increased durability and reliability. peculiarity Bikrona is its excellent flexibility to Bruce R = 15mm, with negative temperatures (up to-15C) and high heat resistance,

Bituminous tiles

tags building materials , construction , roofing materials

Thick basis of stekloholsta totally leakproof not subject to corrosion, decay magnificent design: 23 colors, harmony with nature Dolgovechna Excellent sound attenuation Perfect harmony with any architectural design Morozostoyka Pozharobezopasna (not distribute the flame on the surface) Light weight: no load

Blinds electric

tags Venetian blinds , building materials , construction

emergence of electric drive itself was due to the need to control the shutters in non-residential premises with large windows where the use of manual transmission is difficult and tiring. widespread electric blinds and began to appear in a residential area. The desire to alleviate human existence, if possible, avoid irrational waste of effort and time, led to an increase in the popularity of electric

Blinds Pliss

tags building materials , construction , Venetian blinds

Blinds Pliss - a universal system, which will close any gaps of different configurations: oblique, roof, arched, trapezoidal, triangular, etc. For the winter garden system closure Pliss indispensable, as it allows to close the whole area, irrespective of sizes and configurations.

Blocks concrete walls of the basement

tags Concrete Products , building materials , construction

blocks concrete basement walls


tags building materials , construction , Concrete Products


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