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Boxes of vegetables

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boxes for storing and transporting vegetables


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Keg - a metal container (usually steel), which is used for storage and transportation of beer and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, carbonated or not, are usually under pressure. Keg also - the standard unit of measurement , called on the container. Full keg equals 31 mu gallonu USA, rarely used term. Polkega, 15.5 gallons of dollars, often referred to as a keg. Nevertheless, beer kegi may


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Packaging - set of tools for the preparation of the displacement and storage, to ensure their safety, as well as materials used for these purposes (packaging). Packing - Uses extenuating ( amortiziruyuschie) materials, auxiliary materials and packaging tools. - Designed to save the properties of objects after their creation, as well as making them compact for transportation. - In most cases, is

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