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tags confectionery , flour products , foodstuffs , cookie

Cookies - a type of bread. Cookies made from various kinds of dough or a mixture of grains with the addition of the test, and then giving him some form of (circle, diamond, tube, etc.). There are options with the addition of sweet fillings (chocolate, raisins, condensed milk) and baking at high temperature. Cookies - it is not Пирожное. The following types of cookies: - Sugar - prolonged - Butter


tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery , cookie

Cracker - biscuit, called cookies, prigotovlyaemogo of wheat flour and fat, fermented. Cracker typically has puzyrchatuyu surface and a porous, fragile structure. In crackers, apart from flour, fat and yeast, depending on the class added the chemical rippers, milk, melange, sugar, cumin and other products.

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