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Alcoholic beverages

tags alcohol , drinks , foodstuffs

Alcoholic products (alcoholic products) - products containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol, in common - alcohol) derived from food, raw materials uglevodsoderzhaschego. The main way to get alcohol - biological fermentation . In fermentation, except for ethanol, there are a number of other substances, collectively called fusel oil, and easily volatile aldehydes and furfurola. Light impurities and fusel


tags services , food , drinks

Bar - is drinking establishments in which alcoholic beverages are sold for immediate consumption. There is no principled difference between these drinking establishments, as a bar, pub, tavern or snack, because the aim of all these enterprises is the extraction of commercial benefits through the sale of alcohol. Some bars served food as well as the bar can yavlyatsya part of the restaurant. «Bars»,


tags foodstuffs , drinks , alcohol , soft drinks

Beer - moderate alcohol content of wine drink alcohol fermentation produced malt wort using beer yeast, often with the addition of hops. Alcohol content in most varieties of beer to 3-6%. (and sometimes above, the strong usually contains about 8%, sometimes even up to 12% vol.), nutrients (primarily carbohydrates) - 7-10%, carbon dioxide - 0,3-0,4%. quality beer can be only a process of tasting.


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Cafe (from the French. Café) - the institution of public nutrition and rest, like a small restaurant, but with limited compared with a restaurant product range. As assortment of sales as: coffee-ice cream, tearoom, cafe, dairy, by the contingent for - youth, children, etc. In many cafes and possibility to order alcoholic drinks, in some -- weak alcohol (beer), in others - strong (sometimes


tags alcohol , drinks , foodstuffs , champagne

Champagne - sparkling wine manufactured by the secondary fermentation vina.Eto name comes from the name of the province of Champagne in France. Although the term «champagne» is often used sparkling wine producers in many countries and areas (for example, in California, Canada and Russia), the right to use it only to wine produced in Champagne. Under the auspices of «Mezhprofessionalnogo


tags alcohol , brandy , drinks , foodstuffs

Cognac - strong drink. stringent standards, which include including a system to monitor the age of cognacs, established the National Bureau Mezhprofessionalnym brandies. Consumers can learn about the age of cognac on special markings on the labels of bottles. All of these dates in the classification means that each of the members of this brandy alcohols is ripening period of not less than specified.


tags foodstuffs , drinks , soft drinks

Kvass (cf. Est. Kvass, Polish. kwas - acid) - the national drink with a low volume percentage of ethanol is not more than 1,2%, made as a result of incomplete alcohol or alcohol and lactic fermentation mash. It has a pleasant, refreshing taste, good for digestion, improves metabolism, and has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. In Kvass contains a lot of vitamins B1 and E, which is why

Low-alcohol drinks

tags foodstuffs , alcohol , drinks

low-alcohol drinks


tags alcohol , drinks , Martini , vermouth , foodstuffs

Martini - produced in the Italian vermouth, named named distillery Martini & Rossi in Turin, at the base of which participated Alessandro Martini. The plant Martini & Rossi also produces well-known beverage Chinamartini. Bottle of Martini Bianco martini is made of several types: - Rosso (Red) (in 1863) - the first vermouth Martini, and only until the end of 19 century. It is sweet and slightly


tags alcohol , drinks , foodstuffs , alcohol , tincture

Sake - drink. Prepared by the insistence of alcohol at different fruit, pits spices, aromatic and healing herbs. Fresh or dried fruits and plants have insisted in alcohol until the essential oils and biologically active substances will not be in alcohol. insistence duration ranged from 2 to 6 weeks, if necessary, the insistence can be reduced to 7-10 days by raising the temperature to 50-60 °

Soft drinks

tags drinks , soft drinks , foodstuffs

Soft drinks


tags foodstuffs , drinks

Tea (kit.茶- «private» for Cantonese and Mandarin, «they» in amoyskom and «ttsa» Taiwan, Yapese.茶«thee» andお茶«o-thee») & mdash ; drink derived cooking zavarivaniem or infusion of tea leaves or tea bush (kind of Thea sinensis, variety: Chinese, Cambodian and Assamese). In a broad sense - any herbal infusion or decoction, used to drink. Tea

Tokaj wine

tags alcohol , foodstuffs , drinks , wine

Homeland Tokaj wines - Hungary, and they constitute the world the pride and glory of winemaking in the country. Got name of the mountain Tokai that the north-east Hungary. According to tradition, Brave gonvedy (Hungarian analog Russian hussar), passing in the mind of the mountains, unfolding in her side and gave the honor - in gratitude for the pleasure, already received from these superb wines, and


tags alcohol , vodka , drinks , foodstuffs

Vodka - strong drink, consisting of water, ethyl alcohol and impurities, sometimes with small, usually fruit or berry, coconut, and spices (eg by pressing pepper - Pepper-drink, Gorilka). The content of alcohol in the vodka under the current GOST is the volume of about 40%. up to 56% on. phrase «the taste of vodka» or «tasting vodka» found in advertising, Recipes, as well

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