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Chicken Eggs

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An egg is composed of protein and egg yolks. The yolk contains proteins, but also fat (in the chicken egg, on average, 11.5% fat) and cholesterol. Fat contained in the yolk, mainly polyunsaturated and therefore harmless. Protein is composed of 90% of the water, 10% of the protein contains no cholesterol and contains virtually no fat.The composition of egg whiteIn a chicken egg white is composed of:

Quail eggs

tags foodstuffs , eggs

Quail eggs - quail eggs (bird subfamily kuropatkovyh squad kuroobraznyh.). A quail eggs spotted color, mostly brown spots. Perepelinye eggs weigh 10 - 12 g, the shell is thin and fragile. Quail eggs - a natural vitamin complex, which has unique properties. They are rich in vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids. In 1 g perepelinogo egg contains 2,5 times more vitamins, compared with

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