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Bar - is drinking establishments in which alcoholic beverages are sold for immediate consumption. There is no principled difference between these drinking establishments, as a bar, pub, tavern or snack, because the aim of all these enterprises is the extraction of commercial benefits through the sale of alcohol. Some bars served food as well as the bar can yavlyatsya part of the restaurant. «Bars»,


tags services , food , drinks

Cafe (from the French. Café) - the institution of public nutrition and rest, like a small restaurant, but with limited compared with a restaurant product range. As assortment of sales as: coffee-ice cream, tearoom, cafe, dairy, by the contingent for - youth, children, etc. In many cafes and possibility to order alcoholic drinks, in some -- weak alcohol (beer), in others - strong (sometimes


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Restaurant (on fr. restaurer, restore, enhance) - catering to a wide range of sophisticated cooking of meals, including customized and branded, wine, vodka, tobacco and confectionery products, improve service levels, combined with recreation. Sometimes restaurants are located in larger establishments such as hotels, catering services which are provided as a convenience to residents and to increase

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