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Alcoholic beverages

tags alcohol , drinks , foodstuffs

Alcoholic products (alcoholic products) - products containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol, in common - alcohol) derived from food, raw materials uglevodsoderzhaschego. The main way to get alcohol - biological fermentation . In fermentation, except for ethanol, there are a number of other substances, collectively called fusel oil, and easily volatile aldehydes and furfurola. Light impurities and fusel


tags foodstuffs

Almonds (Lat., Prunus dulcis, in the past - Prunus amygdalus, or Amygdalus communis) - shrub or small tree of the subgenus Almond (Amygdalus) kind Plum. Sweet Almond Seeds sweet almond brittle and may be eaten without any preliminary heat treatment. Jam with almonds highly nutritious, gives full body and very good for the kidneys. The green fruits of sweet almond or candy in besmear jam. Mature

Baby food

tags foodstuffs , baby food

Baby food


tags foodstuffs , Meat products

Balik - salted and then provyalennaya air back valuable species of large fish - sturgeon, salmon. The word «balyk» has a Turkish background, and literally means simply «fish». < br /> Balyk is fine consistency, pleasant taste and odor-specific. most prized balyk obtained from belorybitsy, nelmy and sturgeon, with up to 22-23% fat. Recently, sales have also syrokopchenye


tags foodstuffs , Meat products , beef

beef - the meat of cattle. The word comes from the ancient Russian «govyado», which means «bull», «parish». (cf. Taj. gov, pp. cow - a cow) is divided into 3 grades. Higher class includes back, chest parts, beef, SIRLOIN, Rump and rump, the first - and shoulder blade, as well as flank, the second - zarez, front and rear shank. Most prized beef produced from the


tags foodstuffs , drinks , alcohol , soft drinks

Beer - moderate alcohol content of wine drink alcohol fermentation produced malt wort using beer yeast, often with the addition of hops. Alcohol content in most varieties of beer to 3-6%. (and sometimes above, the strong usually contains about 8%, sometimes even up to 12% vol.), nutrients (primarily carbohydrates) - 7-10%, carbon dioxide - 0,3-0,4%. quality beer can be only a process of tasting.


tags flour products , foodstuffs , bread , bakery

Bread - unifying name for the group of foods, prigotavlivaemyh through baking, steam treatment or frying dough consisting of a minimum of flour and water. In most cases, add salt, and baking powder is used, such as yeast. In some types of breads also add spices (like cumin grain) and grains (sesame seeds, poppy). Grains also used for decoration. Bread may be eaten alone, it is often eaten with butter,


tags foodstuffs , Meat products , Bird

Broiler (eng. broiler, on broil - broil in the fire) - otkarmlivaemy young birds for meat. According to the type of birds using different weight and age limits for such youngsters. For example: - for ducks - before the age of 8 weeks - for chickens - chickens under the age of 10 weeks, weighing up to 2 kg - for geese -- under the age of 12 weeks - for tsesarok - under the age of 12 weeks -


tags oil , dairy products , foodstuffs

Butter - the main product derived from cow butter. It is a concentrated milk fat (78-82,5%, in the melted butter - about 99%). The following types of butter: - Sladkoslivochnoe oil -- produced from fresh cream, typically oil produced in Russia. - Kisloslivochnoe oil - produced from cream, skvashennyh molochnokislymi zakvaskami (to make oil a specific taste and flavor). The production of these


tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery

Cake - flour confectionery products, vypekaemoe of a special test, may be added to taste honey, walnuts, raisins, fruit or berry jam, spices. On the type of cake - figured plate, rectangular or oval shape on top of which vydavlen image. By way of cooking cakes is divided into three categories: print, vyreznye and lepnye. Printed - the most commonly manufactured using gingerbread boards made of hard


tags foodstuffs , flour products , confectionery

Cake (from Italy. torta sr.isp. tortilla - cake) - European holiday dessert in the form of a pile of sweet cakes (korzhey) impregnated with cream, syrup or jam. On top of a cake decorated with designs of cream and fruit.


tags foodstuffs , confectionery , flour products

Cake - confectionary small sweet sdobnogo dough, usually stuffed with cream. Pies - piece confectionery products with various forms of art decorated surface. The mass of them ranged from 17 to 110 of Pies are divided into separate groups according to the semi vypechennogo test: - biskvitnye - sand - puff - zavarnye - air - hazelnut - kroshkovye


tags foodstuffs , canned goods

Canned (lat.. conservo - save) - foods of animal or vegetable origin, who had been the special processing and packaging, with a view to long-term storage without spoilage. In a broad sense, the definition of canned match any products that result in the preparation of the property found no bad time. At the same time, under the notion of canned food and supplies are in store - pickled cabbage, cucumber,

Canned Cherry

tags foodstuffs , canned goods

Canned Cherry

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