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Dried apricots

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dried apricots - Dried apricots pitted. Refers to the dried fruits. To produce dried apricots apricots dried fruit in a specially designated places in the sun for six - eight days after that and get the finished product. To produce one kilogram of dried apricots should be three to four kilograms of fresh apricots. The main value of this product is that a drying preserved the majority of vitamins and


tags foodstuffs , fruit

Fruit (Lat. fructus - fruit) culinary term - juicy, usually edible, fruit trees or shrubs. Variety of fruits are also some berries. «Fruit» is commonly called a fruit, composed of flesh and seeds to form a flower buttons. Vegetables same - it is the fruit of herbaceous plant with a soft, uncovered wood bark stalks. According to botanists, all fruits that contain seeds - fruit. They


tags foodstuffs , fruit , grapes

Grapes (Lat. Vítis) - rod plant family Vinogradov, as well as the fruits of these plants in a mature form of a sweet fruit. The fruit of grapes, as well as its derivatives are valuable medicinal, flavoring and food quality. sugar in grape berries contained mainly in the form of glucose. One kilogram of grapes, depending on the class, the degree of maturation and harvest it, and the conditions

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