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Entrance gates

tags gates , building materials , construction

Creatures entrance gates can be closed (of the solid metal sheet). Metal gates can be lattice or combined, as well as gate rolls.


tags building materials , construction , gates

Set in open spaces, this type of gates most simply assembled and easy to service.

High-speed automatic gates. Roller gates.

tags building materials , construction , gates

-speed automatic rolling gate to effectively reduce the cost of electricity, provide favorable conditions for staff and guarantee a stable and smooth transportation of goods. High-speed roller gate to meet the most stringent requirements placed on the gate in the most difficult industrial conditions. Flexible-speed automatic rolling gates have obvious advantages: decrease teplopoter eliminating

Industrial gates

tags construction , building materials , gates

reliability and durability. Universal axle drives with direct installation at the shaft represent the ideal solution for automating the gates of industrial facilities, including large size.

Sectional gate

tags construction , building materials , gates

sometimes called a roll-up gate or rolletnye gate. Along with a representative look up and break the gate should be noted their reliability, security and ease of use.

Sliding Gates

tags gates , construction , building materials

advantage of sliding doors is the absence of the lower guide, which makes the carriageway of automatic gates completely free.

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