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Napkin (Fr. serviette) - a piece of damask fabric or warlike rectangular (rarely other) forms used in the home and farm for the disposal of various substances from surface. Their main function is the absorption of dirt and moisture to ensure the purity of treated surface. Types napkins By - Paper - used primarily in food and serve to protirki lips, the mouth of all fat and other food contaminants.

Toilet paper

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Toilet paper - paper that helps to maintain hygiene after defecation (cleaning the anus of faeces), or urinating (blurring drops of urine). When does this by removing the use of toilet paper in the trash or toilet. In order to not clog the toilet, using paper, which quickly disintegrates when hit into the water. Schwabsky businessman Hans Klenk in 1928 - 81 years ago - the first time, turned into

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