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Abrasive materials

tags materials , construction

Abrasive materials (Fr. abrasif - grinding, from lat. Abradere - scale) - are materials that possess high hardness, and used for surface treatment of different materials. Abrasive materials are used in the processes of grinding, polishing, honing, superfinishirovaniya, cutting materials and are widely used in harvesting and production of final processing of metallic and nonmetallic materials. The


tags materials , packing , container

Packaging - set of tools for the preparation of the displacement and storage, to ensure their safety, as well as materials used for these purposes (packaging). Packing - Uses extenuating ( amortiziruyuschie) materials, auxiliary materials and packaging tools. - Designed to save the properties of objects after their creation, as well as making them compact for transportation. - In most cases, is

Sandwich panel

tags building materials , construction , materials

Sandwich panel (born sandwich - a multilayer sandwich) - construction material having a three-layer structure consisting of two metal sheets and a layer of insulation between them. All parts of the sandwich panels are glued together with hot pressing. Depending on the purpose allocated roofing and wall panels. Lagger As a heater used the following materials: mineral wool (basalt fibers), polyurethane

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