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Butter - the main product derived from cow butter. It is a concentrated milk fat (78-82,5%, in the melted butter - about 99%). The following types of butter: - Sladkoslivochnoe oil -- produced from fresh cream, typically oil produced in Russia. - Kisloslivochnoe oil - produced from cream, skvashennyh molochnokislymi zakvaskami (to make oil a specific taste and flavor). The production of these

Motor Oil

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Mineral oils This is mainly refined petroleum products - lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, etc. In recent years developed a synthetic substance (polialfaolefiny, glycol, alkibenzoly, silicones, complex esters, mixing and other products) intended to carry out the respective roles, their tradition is also called «oil», from the English word oil - petroleum, oil. All mineral

Vegetable oil

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Vegetable oils, vegetable fats - fats derived from fruits, seeds, roots and other parts of plants. Vegetable oils mainly (at 95-97%) are composed of triglycerides, the remainder accounted for to waxes and fosfatidy, and free fatty acids, lipohromy, tocopherols, vitamins and other substances, oils produce a color, taste and smell. Vegetable oils derived mainly from fruits and seeds of plants, usually

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