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dyes - chemical compounds that have the ability to intensively absorb and convert the energy of electromagnetic radiation in the visible and near ultraviolet and infrared spectra and used to bring this ability to other bodies. The word «dye» its origin is obliged to AE Poraj-Kosice. A distinctive feature of the dye - the ability to soak colored material (such as textiles, paper, fur,


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Nitrokrasiteli - organic compounds containing one or more azogrupp, eg, congo red, methyl orange, β-naftoloranzh and others. Nitrokrasiteli vary in color, usually not very desk. Nitrokrasiteli - the most abundant class of synthetic dyes used for coloring textiles, leather, paper, rubber, to paint, printing and other industries, in analytical chemistry as an indicator.


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Paints - a common name for a group of colored coloring substances intended for direct use in any sphere of life or a certain process. According to the chemistry of pigments and paints made from them are divided into mineral (inorganic salts or metal oxides) and organic (complex compounds, mainly of plant or animal origin). And they both can be natural (natural) and artificial (synthetic). Most often,

Paint Materials

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Paint materials (LMC) - This composite formulations strikes at the surface in a liquid or powdery form of uniform thin layers, and after drying and solidification film with a firm grip with the ground. Formed a film called paint coatings, a property which is to protect the surface from external influences (water, corrosion, harmful substances), making it certain types, colors and textures. LMC divided

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