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Equipment for service

tags car , equipment , repairs

Lifts Shinomontazhnoe equipment - Shinomontazhny stand - Shinomontazh accessories - Draft shinomontazhnogo site Balancing stands - Balansirovochny stand -- Enhancements to the balancing stand tire repair trucks Smart stands collapse of the convergence- stands collapse of the Computer-convergence stands collapse of the laser-convergence Buses Compressors - Piston - Screw high pressure

Repair of apartments and offices

tags Construction Services , construction , services , repairs

Repair of apartments and offices

Repair of Buildings

tags construction , services , Construction Services , repairs

repairs - a process of change, restore, improve anything, bringing the object to the original specifications (not to be confused with the restoration). Includes work: finishing, dyeing, pokleyka wallpaper, sealing seams, plumbing and electrical work and other Installation of new elements: windows, doors, replacement of electrical wiring and pipes and other water. Types - Capital - significant work

Ship repair

tags transportation , repairs , services , ship

Ship repair

The station maintenance

tags car , transportation , spare parts , repairs , services

station maintenance - the organization that provides services to the public and / or organizations for routine maintenance, current and capital repairs, installation of additional equipment (tuning), rehabilitation (kuzovnomu) repair of motor vehicles. Modern service centers also have their own warehouses of spare parts, supplies and accessories.

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