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Ketchup (from English. ketchup) - the sauce, which includes tomato paste, vinegar, starch, salt, sugar, pepper and various additives. Prarodinoy ketchup is considered to be China. In the XVII century in England from imported Asian sauce made from anchovies, walnuts, mushrooms and kidney beans. He called Cantonese koechiap, or ke-tsiap (kit.茄汁, pinyin qiézhi, literally «juice aubergine»).


tags foodstuffs , sauce

Mayonnaise (French mayonnaise) - sauce made from vegetable oil, eggs, vinegar and / or lemon juice, mustard, sugar and salt by whipping egg yolks while gradually adding oil. Often, various spices are added. Some varieties of mayonnaise made without eggs, using vegetable or dairy protein as a substitute. According to GOST 30004.1-93 mayonnaises, depending on their share of fat classes: - высококалорийные


tags foodstuffs , sauce

sauce (from the French. sauce - gravy, soup) or sauce - liquid seasoning to the main dish and / or garniru. Sauces give more consistency juicy taste and increase their caloric content. Many sauces contain spices and flavoring substances, which act vozbuzhdayusche on the digestive organs; bright color sauces benefit ottenyaet color main food products. Sauces not only serve to prepare dishes, but also

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